East Asia

Our church family is blessed to be involved in the expanding work in China. Because the country is so far away and the culture is so different, it’s hard for many to imagine going there to share their faith in a place where the gospel is largely unknown. While missionaries cannot go to China to preach and teach openly, Christians can still enter the country and spread the good news through living out their faith and through their work. With its growing economy and its desire to become a nation of more influence in the world, China is committed to equipping its present and future leaders with the ability to speak English. In the past 20 years, the doors to China have been opened for the message of Christ in some part by Christians going to China as English teachers.

Because of the Communist system in place in China, missionaries there do have to be careful about how they conduct themselves and how they interact with the people. Many use American holidays with Christian roots to share some aspects of their faith with their students. Other doors are opened by the curiosity of the Chinese about Christianity in general and through friendships that naturally develop between teachers and their students. Teachers usually use these opportunities to invite those interested to their apartment to talk more about their questions and many times these conversations become the basis for an ongoing study group. These missionaries also meet with small groups of fellow Christians in their apartments for worship, fellowship, and study.

Landmark currently supports two families serving in the same city in China. This vehicle of teaching English has allowed both families to stay for more than 10 years at present. One family is intimately involved with an underground church that meets often in their home, while the other has come alongside a larger group of believers. We are so blessed to get to partner with servants like these who work to bring light into a country darkened by political and religious oppression.

Please be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in China. While there had been a steady loosening of restrictions over a number of years, recent developments have seen significant crackdowns on various groups of believers. Pray that they will be faithful under persecution and that God’s light will continue to spread.

For security reasons, we do not publish the names of our workers or their cities in China.