Since 2003, the Landmark family has had a special place in its heart for the country of Malawi. Situated in SE Africa, it is home to more than 18 million people; of these, there are an estimated 2 million orphans, a sign of both the depth of Malawi’s devastating poverty and the havoc HIV/AIDS has brought upon the country.
Landmark has been and remains involved with Malawi in a number of ways.
  • We helped to open Mtendere Village, an orphanage in the village of Lumbadzi, just outside the capital of Lilongwe. Many Landmark members sponsor children at the orphanage or make regular short term mission trips there to serve (or both!). We also as a church provide a significant portion of the funds for the longterm workers at Mtendere Village.
  • We were intimately involved in launching Blessings Hospital, a medical center situated next to Mtendere Village, and Landmark members continue to make regular short term trips there to serve.
  • We also sent Bruce and Beth Smith to Malawi in 2010. Malawi served a base and primary location for their HIV/AIDS ministry that eventually encompassed a number of countries in southern Africa. While Bruce and Beth have since transitioned to the States, Landmark continues to send them back to SE Africa periodically to continue their great work.