Serve Together (Formerly Faith Works)

Landmark Church – Serving Together 2024 

We all yearn deep down to be a part of something bigger than ourselves – to know we made a difference in this life. That is what excites us about Serving Together. Below you will find dozens of opportunities to serve in this church family. Each one of us is uniquely prepared by God to fill certain roles. The amazing promise of scripture is when each of us do our part, together we become the very presence of Jesus on this earth. That is why we need everyone to sign up and serve! Without you, the body of Jesus will be crippled! As you read through this list of ministries, we hope you will keep in mind that each of us has been called to be a minister of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will lead you to just the right ministries in which you can make a difference. Please understand that you are needed. Dream with us about what can happen as God mobilizes 1,000 ministers to do His will in and through this church! Wow! That will be truly amazing! 

Make your Serving Commitments for 2024 online!

Follow the steps in these quick videos to learn how to make your commitments online. 
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