Landmark 101 is an informal gathering offered every six weeks where guest and regular attendees can learn more about the beliefs, mission and vision, leadership philosophy, and ministries of the Landmark Church. It is a one day event hosted by our Lead Minister, Buddy Bell, and Dan Burgess, our Connections Minister. Contact for more information.

Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus. Our desire is to help people grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, no matter if you have walked with Him for years, or just now learning who He is.

It is an understatement to say, “WE NEED HOPE!”  We live in troubled times where despair is an easy option.  As Christians we can feel isolated in our own culture.  We are not the first Christians to feel his way.  In fact, there is a book in the New Testament, I Peter, whose purpose was to give hope to people in a fiery trial.  It’s written by a man who certainly understood the ups and downs of life-Simon Peter.  In his worst moments, Jesus gave him hope!  In this message series, EXILES: Hope in Troubled Times, Peter will give us hope!  I need it. How about you?

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